How to Install Corrugated Metal Roofing?

- Dec 10, 2018-

Corrugated metal roofing, often made out of tin, is a quick and economical material that effectively keeps out water and can last long for sure and plan out a corrugated roof. Consider the following when learning how to install corrugated metal roofing.

1.Prepare the roof surface by removing any old roofing, any rotten wood, and adding roofing felt to the entire surface.

Roofing felt is a cheap and easy-to-install material: simply nail the sheets into wood, overlapping each sheet by 3 to 4 inches (or about 10 cm).

2.Calculate the number of sheets of corrugated metal needed. Divide the area of your roof by the size of the sheets you will be using. Remember that you will want the metal sheets to overlap.

3.Place your first metal sheet in a corner of the roof, flush against the surface.

4.Nail in the first metal sheet to the wood of the roof. You should use about 20 nails per sheet. Whenever possible, nail in the valley between the ridges, where the roofing is closest to the wood.

5. Place the second metal sheet alongside the first with an overlap of 3 to 4 inches (or 10 cm). Secure the sheets together using hex screws and washers.

Whenever possible, line up the ridges of each metal sheet. This will create a tighter roof and make it easier to drill in the screws. Screw in the spaces between where you nailed the first sheet to the wood.

6.Nail the second metal sheet to the roof.

7.Continue with the other sheets, overlapping on every side of each sheet except for at the edges of the roof.

8.Secure ridge caps to the bottom lip of the roof. Follow the same method as when installing the metal sheets: overlap the ridge caps both with each other and with the sheets, using hex screws and washers where the metal overlaps and nails where the ridge caps attach to wood.You will use about 40 nails for each length of ridge cap.

9.Test the roof for any loose spots or places where water can seep in. If any roofing is sticking up, secure it as much as possible with nails or screws if attaching it to other metal sheets.

10.Paint the corrugated roof, if desired.

                                        ----Adapted from wikihow

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