Sheet Metal Lath – Diamond Metal Lath and Rib Metal Lath

- Jan 26, 2019-

Stucco, plaster and veneer would easily crack under types of stress and deflation in the process of building construction and residential living. Metal lath is used to prevent or decrease wall crackings in either pumped or troweled application. Sheet metal lath is slit and expanded into small diamond openings (approximately 11,000 per square yard).

We supply sheet metal lath in two types: diamond metal lath and rib meta lath. Flat diamond metal lath is nor used over solid surface like gypsum, concrete and wood sheathing. Because flat sheet will only cause the stucco to bond only to the sheathing and not complete the embedding process. Therefore expanded metal mesh is usually self-furred: dimpled and V-grooved. Diamond metal lath, for its unravel feature, is especially suitable for high strength needed architectures. Rib metal lath is expanded metal made sheet with ribs to increase the strength of it overall structure. Strip lath and corner lath are also available for installation convenience.

Diamond Metal Lath
Flat diamond metal lath could only bond to the sheathing but not complete the embedding process for covering a solid surface like gypsum, concrete and wood sheathing. Therefore self-furring metal lath came into being. Self-furred diamond metal lath is generally used as reinforcement of plaster for solid surface.