What are the characteristics of metal expansion nets?

- Dec 04, 2018-

The metal expansion net is a variety of metal screens, also known as metal mesh, diamond mesh, iron mesh, metal expansion mesh, heavy metal expansion mesh, pedal net, punching plate, etc.

Weaving and characteristics: stamped; divided into small metal expansion net, metal expanded net and stainless steel net; stretched, beautiful and generous, solid and durable.

Appearance: PVC dip-coating (spraying, plastic coating), hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, anti-rust paint, etc.

Metal expansion net features:

1. Streamlined appearance: transparent, beautiful, refined, fashionable European elegant personality; color selection diversity, a variety of standard color card colors to choose from, can satisfy different categories, different environments, different aesthetic needs .

2, Tomahawk style connection: the unique hook connection method, Tomahawk groove planning, so that the net can be connected with any height of the column into the groove without any accessories, ensuring its consolidation degree, with stronger Tensile and anti-collision ability, it also perfectly shows its anti-theft function.

3, ten-year warranty period: abundant pre-treatment and common high-temperature electrostatic PVC spraying technology to ensure even distribution of plastic layer, the appearance of the hand is more lubricated; after 2000 hours of salt spray resistance test, prudently promised to ensure product anti-corrosion for 10 years. It has self-cleaning ability under normal environment, anti-UV, no cracking and aging, no rust and oxidation, no protection!

4, a variety of combination methods: according to the customer's different site requirements, there are a variety of arc-shaped, different viewpoints and different level height step-type devices, to provide the most ideal solution. It can be used in cooperation with the trackless automatic sliding door with beautiful appearance and planning, which constitutes a perfect whole.