What are the sound absorption characteristics of punching mesh?

- Dec 04, 2018-

The sound absorption characteristics of the punching net: under the premise of ensuring sound absorption and sound insulation, it is characterized by simple fabrication and installation.

1. Punching net. Large sound insulation: uniform sound insulation 36dB. (Conditional sound-absorbing cotton 48K, thickness 80 × height 500 × length 2970).

2. The sound absorption coefficient of the punching net is high: the uniform sound absorption coefficient is 0.83. (Conditional sound-absorbing cotton 48K, thickness 80 × height 500 × length 2970).

3. Punching net weathering durability: The product has water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, no falling function due to changes in rain temperature, or abnormal quality. The punching nets are all galvanized coils, aluminum coils, glass wool, and H steel pillars. The surface of the galvanized steel is treated for more than 15 years.

4. Beautiful punching net: You can choose a variety of colors and shapes to combine with the surrounding environment to form a beautiful landscape.

5. Punching net economy: assembly-type construction, which not only can improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, but also save construction costs and labor costs.

6. Punching net convenience: It is installed with other finished products, which is convenient for repair and easy to replace.

7. Punching net safety: Both ends of the sound absorbing plate are connected and fixed by φ6.2 steel wire rope, which can not only prevent secondary damage, but also reduce personnel and property losses.

8. Punching net is simple: the sound-absorbing board N series products have the characteristics of self-weight and light weight, and the square meter quality is less than 25 kg, which can reduce the load-bearing load of the elevated road and the elevated light rail, which can reduce the structural cost.

9. Punching net fireproof: Ultra-fine glass wool is selected because it has high melting point and is non-flammable. It fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection regulations, and the fire rating reaches Class A.

10. Punching net high strength: In view of the different climatic conditions in various regions of China, the wind load is fully considered in the structural design. The 1.2mm galvanized sheet is selected, and the automatic production line is used to press the groove to increase the strength, so that the product is resistant to the 10-12 hurricane and the compressive pressure is 300kg/m2.

11. Punching net waterproof and dustproof: The louver type design fully takes into account the characteristics of waterproof and dustproof. Its viewpoint is set to 45°, its sound absorption is not affected in dust or rain, and the structure has been set. Dust and drainage measures to prevent water accumulation inside the components.

12. Punching net durability: Commodity design has fully considered the wind load on the road, the collision safety of traffic vehicles and the open-air anti-corrosion of the whole climate. The perforated net products are made of glass wool, galvanized coil, aluminum alloy coil and H steel column.

The above is the sound-absorbing characteristics of the punching net released by Xiaobian, and I hope to help everyone.