Why does the punching net produce wear and tear?

- Dec 04, 2018-

In the process of producing punching nets, punching stencils generally have some wear and tear. When the punching net molds and equipment are in contact with the steel plates, friction will inevitably occur. The punching plate manufacturers will take you to analyze the punching. The cause of the wear of the stencil.

Generally, the mechanical wear of the punching plate can be roughly divided into the following reasons: adhesion wear and rolling wear. Today, highlight the attachment wear:

Between the contact surface of the shearing die and the metal, local adhesion occurs due to the pressure. When the contact surface slides relative to each other, the attached portion is sheared to cause wear, which is called wear and wear, which is considered to be wear. The main form. This kind of adhesion wear is more severe when the temperature is high and the pressure is high and the lubrication condition is not good, and even the continuation phenomenon occurs.

After the production of the punching net products, the technicians of the shop of the punching net factory will take corresponding measures to remedy the wear and tear. Generally, there will be no serious wear and tear. Our technology is very professional and can guarantee the customer's receipt. To the satisfaction of the product.