Why should the punching mesh be coated with cutting fluid when machining

- Dec 04, 2018-

Many customers will reflect the surface of the product after receiving the punched product. That is because the cutting fluid is used in the production process of the punching net. What is the cutting fluid? What is the use of cutting fluid? Take a look:

Wire cutting fluid is also called wire cutting coolant and wire cutting working fluid. Wire cutting fluid generally has good cooling, lubrication, cleaning and anti-rust functions, and has other special properties: certain dielectric strength, de-freeing, arc-extinguishing, prevention of broken wire and long service life, safe and non-toxic, etc. . Use the right wire cutting fluid to achieve the desired finish and processing efficiency and extend the life of your machine.

The most common type of punching net is synthetic. The synthetic type consists entirely of water-soluble substances. When used, it is diluted with water by 5%~25%. Products such as: synthetic cutting fluid, water-soluble wire cutting fluid, internal round slice liquid, etc. In use, it should be 75~95% water. Most of the water is the foundation, so it is called water-based working fluid. The synthetic liquid is an aqueous solution, and the water-soluble working liquid is a synthetic working liquid.

Because our punching net products are punched in metal sheets by physical punching through a CNC punching machine, which will inevitably generate a lot of heat. As a result, the deformation of the sheet and the damage of the punching needle are caused. Therefore, in the process of punching, the cutting liquid is added to the surface of the punching net, so that it can both cool down and lubricate the board and not rust. Is a good way to do both.