Anticorrosion Protection Of Surface Quality Of Stainless Steel Punching Mesh

- Dec 04, 2018-

Stainless steel punching mesh in our life is widely used, so the quality of the product surface corrosion protection and normal care what should we do? Because the stainless steel punching mesh contains many easy oxidation elements, the inclusions that need to be absorbed are quite different from that of Pu Steel, and the design and maintenance of the protective slag performance is very important to the surface quality. Austenitic stainless steel Wire has the characteristics of large expansion coefficient, cooling process gas gap appears earlier, easy to produce sag and other surface defects. In general, the design of protective slag is aimed at the pollution of protective slag by two kinds of non-adsorbed inclusions for SAG type and adhesion type steel. During the whole casting process, the liquid slag layer formed at the curved surface of the molten steel should be kept sufficiently thick to ensure the air gap between the continuous flow of the human billet and the mould. In order to form an effective slag film, improve heat transfer efficiency and uniformity.

and stainless steel is easy to produce surface sag characteristics, but also need to form a uniform and effective slag with the same design. The characteristics of the hollow protective slag are clear, the black groove in the waste pipe defect area gathers c elements, and similarly, the traces of the carbon material are found in the scanning electron microscope of the loose part of the center of a low carbon stainless steel continuous casting billet. To this end, some of the requirements of high carbon-free stainless steel protection slag, the use of ultra-fine metal powder instead of carbon materials, used to control the melting speed of protective slag, so in the selection of protective slag, should be investigated and tested in many aspects, in order to find in line with the stainless steel quality alkalinity is high The viscosity curve of slag has obvious inflection point) the thermal conductivity of solid slag film is lower, in order to reduce the heat transfer speed and improve the solidification condition of billet shell, the adhesion protection slag is designed by low melting point and low alkalinity (easy to form glass liquid phase Slag film layer) in order to reduce friction resistance and improve surface quality. Stainless steel protection slag design is generally used in the former scheme, hedging hole mesh surface protection is also very good.