Classification Of Air Filter Filters

- Dec 04, 2018-

In the air filtration equipment, the air filter filter is widely used, it has many categories and each has its own characteristics. Let me introduce it to you.

The first type is a metal rubber filter. Its material is very special. It is mainly made of stainless steel wire. Because there is no rubber, the structure design is very individual. We can see that there are many loose and loose structures, so it is high. It can be used in a large amount under low temperature air, and it can also be used in environments with large temperature difference. This is the main classification of air filter screens and is very popular.

The biggest feature of the air filter screen is that it can be used in a wide range of applications, such as strong radiation and high vacuum environment. The advantage is strong corrosion resistance and impact resistance. We can adjust the filtration accuracy according to the needs of use. It is also very easy to clean and the density will not be changed.

The second type is a ventilation filter. It is made of nylon. It is resistant to acid and alkali. The resistance is not high. It can also be cleaned. It is a more economical and practical air filter screen for everyone, regardless of cleaning. How many times, the filtration efficiency will not be affected. It can also resist impact, and the sales volume in the market is relatively high.

The third type is metal filter mesh. The steel material is made of metal. For example, the aluminum foil mesh is a kind, and there is also a stainless steel mesh. It has speciality, the surface is wavy, the angle is very special, and there are overlapping overlaps. The arrangement of the density. The objects will leave different orientations during the filtering process, in order to ensure the filtration efficiency. If the filtration efficiency is required, it is worthwhile to use the air filter screen of the series.

The fourth type is a coarse filter, which can be used for coarse dust filtration or pre-filtration. The filter must be inspected during the design process. The material of the air filter screen is relatively fragile. If stainless steel mesh appears If it is deformed, it may affect the filtration accuracy and purity, and it will also affect the use of equipment such as compressors.

The above is the basic classification of the air filter screen introduced for everyone. In daily life, it can be used in different filtration occasions, and it also has a strong dust removal effect, which is the best choice of all walks of life. Not only in the factory Used, the family also often buys.