Development Trend Of Bending Machine Used In Punching Network

- Dec 04, 2018-

As the requirements of industrial production continue to increase, the bending machines used in punching nets will develop in the following directions:

1. Automate operation

The development of dedicated industrial robots for various bending machines and various bending parts is a prerequisite for operating automation, bending FMC (flexible manufacturing units) and incorporating sheet metal processing FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems). More successful bending machine robots have emerged.

2. Bending accuracy is further improved

The existing measures to improve the bending accuracy will be promoted and applied on the bending machine, and various adaptive control systems will appear, so that the proportion of the high-precision bending machine is continuously increased. High-precision CNC bending machines will also be further developed.

3. Continuous development of new bending processes and equipment

Many typical parts with multiple bends and polygonal bends, as well as parts that are currently not suitable for machining on the bending machine, require breaking through the existing bending and hemming processes to achieve the intersection of various bending processes and launching edge-type New technology to further develop special bending machines or new bending machines.