The Origin Of Metal Expansion Network

- Dec 04, 2018-

Speaking of metal expansion mesh, we may not be familiar with it, but its nickname, also known as steel mesh, is made by expanding various steel plates. Nowadays, the most suitable guardrail material on the railway is the metal expansion net.

Metal expansion nets include low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, aluminum and magnesium alloy plates; late addition of surface treatment skills can be more useful to avoid rust, the primary surface treatment skills are PVC dip (spraying, plastic coating), hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, anti-rust paint, etc. The main specifications are: length (m) 0.5 m-20 m, width 0.5-2 m, aperture: 25 knives - 100 knives.


1. Streamlined appearance: transparent, beautiful, refined, fashionable European elegant personality; color selection diversity, a variety of standard color card colors to choose from, can satisfy different categories, different environments, different aesthetic needs .

2. Tomahawk style connection: the unique hook connection method, Tomahawk groove planning, so that the net can be connected with any height of the column into the groove without any accessories, ensuring its consolidation degree and stronger. Tensile and anti-collision ability, it also perfectly shows its anti-theft function.

3. Ten-year warranty period: sufficient pre-treatment and common high-temperature electrostatic PVC spraying skills to ensure uniform distribution of plastic layer and more lubricious appearance; after 2000 hours of salt spray resistance test, we promised to ensure that the product is resistant to corrosion for 10 years. It has self-cleaning ability under normal environment, anti-UV, no cracking and aging, no rust and oxidation, no protection!

4. A variety of combinations: According to the customer's different occasions, there are various arc types, different viewpoints and different level height step devices to provide the most ideal solution. It can be used in cooperation with the trackless active sliding door with beautiful appearance and planning, to form a harmonious whole.


It is mainly used for civil engineering construction of cement, mechanical equipment protection, technical product manufacturing, advanced speaker net cover, highway guardrail, stadium fence network, road green belt protection net. The heavy metal expansion net can be used for the operation channels, escalators and walkways of tank trucks, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives and 10,000 tons of ships. It can also be used for construction industry, roads and bridges for steel bars. Nowadays, due to the further advancement of technological skills, the metal expansion network can not only be processed on metal plates, but also can be processed on paper, which is a good material for paper filter products.