What Is The Working Principle In The Use Of Gas-liquid Filtration Networks?

- Dec 04, 2018-

The application of gas-liquid filter is very extensive. It is generally used for pre-filtration of centralized ventilation systems in shopping malls, airports, office buildings, hospitals and other places. Let us understand the working principle of the gas-liquid filter network, and hope that it will play a certain role in the future use of everyone.

First point: separating gas

There are two ways to separate the gas. One is to use a different specific gravity of the gas and liquid, and then a device for modulating the pressure of the gas. When the gas enters the device, the flow rate of the gas is lowered, during the branching process. The small amount of liquid contained in the gas will be separated from the gas. The other is to use the cyclone separator of the machine without the aid of the gas-liquid filter. When the fine liquid in the gas passes through the separator, it will be rotated at a high speed. The air stream is smashed onto the container for separation purposes.

Second point: purification

The gas-liquid filter is a method in which a saturated gas is cooled or pressurized to form a small droplet of gas which can be condensed in the air, and then these small droplets are recycled to achieve air purification.