What Shapes Can The Mesh Filter Mesh Be Made Of?

- Dec 04, 2018-

With the continuous advancement of industrial production, the application of filter mesh products in filtration equipment is also increasing, especially the filter material of mesh material is more prominent, which can be seen everywhere in our lives, the water filtration that everyone uses every day. It is inseparable from the screen filter, the faucet has the protection of the filter product, which largely protects the water quality and brings us the health of the body.

This is just an example that is closely related to our life. In fact, the screen filter mesh has many uses on different machines, and the shape is also various. The common ones are round and square, followed by oval and horseshoe. Etc., in the use of the above-mentioned edging filter mesh and single-layer multi-layer points, the product is used to match the filter in the device, and some directly used in the mesh filter for use, many friends may worry, If I design a product, can I customize it? Here Xiaobian tells everyone that the product can also be customized according to the requirements of the development of mold processing.