Where Are The Gas-liquid Filters Used?

- Dec 04, 2018-

The gas-liquid filter is a wire mesh product made by using a conventional sweater needle knitting method. The weaving form has a special filtering property, which is mainly used for filtering the gas in the liquid. The main application fields are as follows:

1. Used as a filter mat in a wire mesh demister;

2. Used as a filter in gas-liquid separation, steam-water separation, oil and gas separation device;

3. Used as an important component in the sealing, shock absorption or suspension, noise reduction, exhaust purification systems and airbags in the automotive industry;

4. The gas filter can also be used for various filter elements of the engine;

5. Used as a shielding net for electromagnetic interference prevention;

With the continuous development and improvement of the production technology of gas-liquid filter, people have more and more extensive research on its application fields, and more and more attention to the quality of gas-liquid filter.